The Amsterdammer Belt

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Dark Brown w/ Silver Dutch Coins


  • This leather belt is a one-of-a-kind creation, designed and handmade by Delphine Pontvieux.
  • Buckle measures 3 x 2 inches (76.2 x 50.8 mm). It is covered with riveted Dutch Guilder coins (One 2 1/2 guilder coin in the center, flanked by four 25-cent Dutch coins).
  • Belt is adorned with ten riveted one Dutch Guilder coins, and two 25-cent Dutch coins. It also reads “FIETS TE KOOP” in Old English letters engraved into the leather.
  • Belt Measurements (Large):
    • 46 inches from tip of buckle to tip of belt
    • 41 inches from tip of buckle to center hole of belt.

    Nyet Trivia:

    I chose a dark brown dye color for this belt, because it reminded me of the color of rolling tobacco, as well as that of the ceilings of the old Bruin cafes of A’dam, which are nicotine-stained from years of being filled with cigarette smoke. This warm color still reminds me of the city I lived in for three years during the mid-90s, the old, mysterious Amsterdam I fell in love with.

    As for the inscription and the coins, it relates to the pace at which bikes are stolen there. I, for example, owned over thirty bikes in the three years that I lived in downtown A'dam.

    Upon realizing that your bike was gone after a movie or concert night, you would start walking down the street, while straining your ears for the familiar sound of a bicycle to approach along the cobblestones and hope to hear: “Hey psst! fiets kopen? – een tientje!” (Wanna buy a bike? 10 guilders!) from the mouth of the junkie who just stole it. Had I owned this belt back in the day, I could have used it to pay for a bike to get me home, even if someone had stolen my wallet! 

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    Size Chart

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