Anchor, Rope and Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

by: Nyet Jewelry


  • Stainless steel chain measures 23 inches (58.5 cm).
  • Reversible 316L stainless steel pendant measures an impressive 2.36 x 1.9 inches (60 mm x 48 mm) and weighs approx. 1.2 oz (42 grams).
  • One side is plain (brushed stainless, which gives the pendant a matte appearance), other side of the anchor is polished to a heavy shine and features a skull at the base of the anchor. 
  • Closes with large lobster clasp.
  • Assembled (chain and pendant not made by) by Nyet Jewelry designer Delphine Pontvieux in Chicago, USA.

Nyet Trivia: Symbolism of the Anchor 

In early Christianity, Christians were persecuted by the ruling Romans. To identify themselves as Christians to one another and simultaneously lie low from anti-Christian threats, they used secret symbols like the anchor, which was chosen for its resemblance to a cross. The anchor’s nature of strongly holding ships steady even in stormy weather strengthened the analogy of the anchor to religion.

Sailors use anchor tattoos to demonstrate their affinity with the sea. The nautical nature of the anchor symbol makes it clear why it was chosen by the sea-faring community. Why the anchor was chosen above other parts of the ship is likely for its connection with strength and stability, and also because it marked the successful, safe end of a voyage. Traditionally, a sailor would get an anchor tattoo to celebrate his first successful voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Even if you’re a land-lubber through and through, you may choose to wear an anchor as a symbol of stability, security, loyalty and as a symbol for holding strongly to your principles.