Leather and gems necklace choker 2.0

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  • This stunning choker necklace is made of twelve strands of 2 mm thick round high quality leather cord in four gorgeous metallic colors: black, berry, anis and bronze.
  • The strands are beautifully gathered at each end with 2 large metallic balls.
  • Closes in the back with a large (23mm) stainless steel lobster clasp, which won't tarnish or oxidyze.
  • Made for an approx. 14 inch-neck size. Please mention exact neck size in the note box upon check out if you wish a customized size.
  • The pendant on this alluring necklace measures 1 1/4 inch (31 mm) in width and 3 1/4 inches (82 mm) in length. It is encased in silver and contains the following faceted stone and cabochons:
    • Pietersite is an uncommon mineral that has only been found in two places in the world - Namibia (in the south-west of Africa) and Hunan, China. Pietersite is an example of a mineral pseudomorph, rock composed of broken-up pieces of mineral held together by finer particles of material. Pietersite can be quite variable in overall colour - but typically contains blue, reds and green/gold. The patterning also can be variable - but is typically "chaotic" - and polished stones often exhibit iridescent, shiny swirls of color somewhat reminiscent of lava flows or patches of oil on water, only brighter and more multicolored.
    • Citrine is a variety of quartz which typically has a yellow hue - although it can vary from very pale to brown. The color of natural citrine is caused by trace impurities of iron (Fe3+) ions.
  • Designed and assembled in Chicago by Delphine Pontvieux.

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