Crocodile necklace

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  • This necklace is one of a kind.
  • Made with scales from the end of the tail of a farm-raised crocodile.
  • While this necklace makes a big statement, it is very light to wear.
  • Dyed a bright turquoise hue, adjustable to fit most necks.
    • Handmade in Chicago, USA, by Nyet Jewelry designer Delphine Pontvieux.

    Did you Know? 

    The back hides we use (crocodylus Niloticus, or Nile crocodile) come exclusively from crocodile farms in South Africa, never from the wild. Their origin is fully documented via CITES permits and were cleared upon entry into the USA by the US Fish and Wildlife Services.

    Read this informative post about some misconceptions regarding exotic leathers. 

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