Leather and gems necklace choker

by: Nyet Jewelry

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  • This stunning choker necklace is made of twelve strands of 2 mm thick round high quality leather cord in three gorgeous metallic colors: black, berry and bronze.
  • The strands are beautifully gathered at each end with 2 large metallic balls.
  • Closes in the back with a large (23mm) stainless steel lobster clasp, which won't tarnish or oxidyze.
  • Made for an approx. 14 inch-neck size. Please mention exact neck size in the note box upon check out if you wish a customized size.
  • The pendant on this alluring necklace measures 1 1/4 inch (31 mm) in width and 2 1/2 inches (63 mm) in length. It is encased in silver and contains the following faceted stones:
    • Pietersite is an uncommon mineral that has only been found in two places in the world - Namibia (in the south-west of Africa) and Hunan, China. Pietersite is an example of a mineral pseudomorph, rock composed of broken-up pieces of mineral held together by finer particles of material. Pietersite can be quite variable in overall colour - but typically contains blue, reds and green/gold. The patterning also can be variable - but is typically "chaotic" - and polished stones often exhibit iridescent, shiny swirls of color somewhat reminiscent of lava flows or patches of oil on water, only brighter and more multicolored.
    • Amethyst is a famous variety of quartz, with the same overall chemical formula of SiO2 (silicon dioxide). It is violet / purple in color. Amethyst varies in shape, size and color in the various locations in which it is discovered, and experts can even tell where amethyst came from, sometimes even down to which mine. (gemstoneslist.com)
  • Designed and assembled in Chicago by Delphine Pontvieux.