June 22, 2015

Nyet jewelry was present for the second time at the Gold Coast Art Fair this past weekend.

Nicknamed the “Granddaddy of American Art Festivals”, the Gold Coast art fair at Grant Park is rated as one of the top 40 juried art festivals in the country, welcoming more than 300 artists from around the world to downtown Chicago.

Thanks to great weather during the opening hours of the show, the fair was, this year again, attended by a large crowd (in the many tens of thousands). Our booth was always packed, keeping us very busy as we helped our customers picking their new favorite leather cuffs, wraparounds and necklaces.

Booth photos before the opening on Saturday

Unfortunately, the fair had some unwanted visitors during the overnight hours: thieves.

This was how we found our booth on Sunday morning.


Many booths, in addition to ours, were picked through, though thankfully not much was taken, because it was cash the robbers were evidently after, and vendors are always careful to remove their cash boxes and other valuables from their tents after hours. After a careful evaluation, we realized nothing was stolen at our booth, other than our logo'ed shopping bags (which, we speculated, were taken with the intent of filling them with loot)

All in all, we were all lucky in our misfortune, because the thieves did not steal jewelry nor vandalized artwork on exhibit in the booths. 

CBS Chicago news was on site on Sunday, and, out of all the booths, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they chose ours to film their segment on the overnight robbery.  

We invite you to watch the video which aired on CBS news yesterday: