PRONOUNCED: [ kou-chook ]

CAOUTCHOUC is the French word for "Rubber". The word originates from the late 1700s from the now obsolete Spanish word "cauchuc", which itself most likely came from the Quechua Indian language of lowland tropical South America, where the natural plant was found. 

Caoutchouc is a tenacious, elastic, gummy substance obtained from the milky sap of several plants of tropical South America (esp. the euphorbiaceous tree Siphonia elastica or Hevea caoutchouc), also found in Asia and Africa.

I have been eyeing this material for a long time now, and decided to use it for my new Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

One of the great qualities of rubber is its lightness, which is a fantastic medium to create statement pieces which are also super comfortable to wear.