Discover the many advantages of fish leather:

  • Fish leather is the second strongest leather known to man. Three strips of certain fish, 1/2 inches wide, braided together, can pull an automobile.
  • The fish leather we use is an environmentally friendly product - none of our products involve endangered species.
  • The fish leather we use for this particular bracelet is carp, esthetically favored for its wide, large scale pockets. The carps' skins come straight from the canneries to the fish tanning company located in Canada, which processes and dyes the skins into the beautiful leather that you see.
  • Uniqueness to every article, because of the distinctive scale pattern of the fish.
  • Reduced atmospheric pollution from the tanning process - the lime, lye and acids that are usually used to remove hair from skins are not needed for the removal of fish scales.
  • Reduced water pollution - fish skins from canneries would otherwise be thrown back into the water bodies.