Tangerine Quartz pendent on 5-in-1 Rubber Necklace # 2

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  • This is a true statement necklace, if there was ever one. And the beauty of this piece resides in its versatility and the many ways you can combines its different elements to turn it into different necklaces. Worn as it was intended to be, it is a powerful statement that will be certain to turn heads. Or you can remove the second rubber strand to make it more wearable. You can combine both rubber strands into a brand new necklace that you can wear as is, or you can also attach the pendent onto it. The pendent is detachable, so you can also wear the rubber necklace without it, or choose to wear the pendent onto a separate chain or leather cord, as you wish. (see photos)
  • The Tangerine Quartz

    Tangerine Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral of the Quartz family. Its color comes from the inclusions or encrustations of iron oxide. Tangerine Quartz gets its name from its color, which ranges from red to orange. Most of the Tangerine Quartz crystals are found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is where they are formed when the mineral Hematite combines with water. Hematite is an ironstone that rusts in water. This rust then bonds to the surface of Clear Quartzes, giving the Tangerine Quartz its distinct orange color. Large deposits of Tangerine Quartz can be found in Brazil and Madagascar. Tangerine Quartz is an excellent crystal to use when working with issues of the inner self. It should be your go-to crystal when you want to gain more understanding, growth, or acceptance. It will help you evaluate and tackle your inner issues without judgment or criticism. The energies of Tangerine Quartz will encourage forgiveness, and it will give you the courage to release past issues and traumas that no longer serve your purpose.https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/tangerine-quartz/

  • The pendent measures 2.36 inches by 1.18 (60mm x 30mm) and .70 inch (18mm) in depth. It is wrapped in silver. 
  • Other metal components in this necklace are made of stainless steel, which will not tarnish or scratch.
  • 1 3/4 inch metal extender chain. Overall length of necklace: 22 inches x 2 inches wide for the rubber chain.
    • Designed and handmade in Chicago by Delphine Pontvieux.

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