Springbok vibrant green oversize fur bag and matching chain wallet

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These bags are one of a kind, however i can make you a variation of this one upon request for the same price. Please email me for details.

Do you own a piece this exclusive in your closet? From shape to materials to design, this bag is totally original and unconventional! You will be the only person in the world possessing this bag. 

This fascinating bag is vividly gorgeous in color. It originates from the Springbok, a medium-sized antelope which inhabits the dry areas of south and southwestern Africa known for its incredible soft and exclusively textured and colored fur.

  • No stitches or seams (except for the shoulder strap), this bag is entirely riveted together.
  • The lining, which also serves the purpose of creating dividing compartments, is made of the softest distressed utility leather and can be removed thanks to four strategically placed snaps, should you prefer to carry a slouchier version of the bag. 
  • This bag is extra roomy. Dimensions: approx. 23x11x4 1/2 inches (58x27.5x11.5 cms)
  • Spring-lock metal closure, adjustable with leather strap.
  • Four metal feet to protect the fur at the bottom of the bag.
  • Wide double stitched shoulder strap made of the same distressed utility leather. 
  • NYET logo embossed on detachable leather band with ring, which allows you to clip your keys and your wallet onto your bag so that your valuables are safe.
  • Comes with a matching fur and distressed utility leather wallet with an intricate stainless steel chain.
  • Allow available in cobalt blue, bright fuchsia and other colors upon request.
  • Designed and handmade by Delphine Pontvieux in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) is primarily a browser. It feeds on shrubs and succulents.This antelope can live without drinking water for years, meeting its requirements through eating succulent vegetation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources classifies the springbok as a least concern species. The Springbok, in fact, is one of the few antelope species considered to have an expanding population. They are popular game animals, valued for their meat and skin. We, at Nyet jewelry, only use the leather of animals that are commonly killed for food and are not endangered in any way, shape or form.

The Springbok is the national animal of South Africa.

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